TSA - Cargo Alliance Certification Review


Cargo Screening (Brad, Heath, Derrick)

Spectrum Canine Solutions and TSA were present for the certification for 3PK9 at Vohne Liche Kennels. The certification process was presented very clearly and efficiently to all the handlers present. The certifying officials were very professional and open for discussion. The Officials additionally gave very clear and precise guidance for the handlers present. All areas of the certification were presented clearly and fairly for everyone there. In 20 years of certifications, this has been by far the least stressful certification I have been involved in. I appreciated the way everything was presented and the feeling of everyone was here for a dedicated purpose and fair certification.

Heath W. Farthing. (Middle in Picture)

In the last 18 years as a K9 handler and trainer, I have not experienced a certification that was more open, fair and enjoyable as the Third-Party Canine-Cargo Certification. The certifiers from Spectrum Canine Solutions and the certification representative from the TSA conducted themselves in a highly professional manner with the ultimate goal to participating organizations of the Third-Party Canine-Cargo Certification come together to ensure the best product for the cargo shipping industry would be sent out to safeguard the skies. Thank you to all involved in this experience.

Bradley R. Ridenour (Left Side in Picture)

The TSA - Cargo Alliance Certification, which I recently participated in with my K-9, was the most fair and professional certification that I had ever undertaken in my K-9 working history. The attending and supervising staff from both the TSA and Spectrum Canine Solutions were phenomenal individuals. The rules were clearly articulated. The conducted search was impartially graded. The end of certification debrief was very detailed, highlighting areas of personal improvement and handlers strengths. I am truly thankful for the professionalism of the TSA and Spectrum Canine Solutions staff.

Derrick Foster (Right Side in Picture)